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Insulet Corporation’s 380,000 SF corporate headquarters includes large-scale office space and a clean integrated assembly manufacturing facility for the company’s Omnipod product platform. The wearable Omnipod Insulin Management System offers a unique alternative to traditional insulin delivery methods by providing up to three days of non-stop insulin delivery without the need to handle a needle.

The headquarters consisted of a complete renovation of the existing 208,000 SF building into corporate offices, conference rooms and office amenities, including an employee fitness center and cafeteria, R&D facilities, a call center, and a post-market research and quality control area.

Ci also designed 180,000 SF of new ground-up construction to accommodate the manufacturing and assembly program requirements, including 80,000 SF of space that meets ISO 8 clean room standards. This  included a humidification system, automation with GPS-controlled AIVs, specialty power and utilities, BSL- 2 labs and hazard waste, R&D engineering labs and pilot prototyping area, microbiology lab, CT scan and scaling labs with .25” vibration tolerances, machine shop, and automated packaging and finished goods on a 2N+1 redundant system.

This facility expansion, as well as Insulet’s job growth, investments, and community involvement, awarded them the 16th Annual MassEcon Impact Gold Award.


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