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Center Point, a 1.2 million-square-foot mixed-use complex, emphasizes connections to the past, nature, culture, community and place. The project embraces its history as well as the spirit of southern hospitality. The design character is inspired by the area’s natural beauty, as well as the architectural elements found throughout the project and the surrounding community.


Pine cones historically serve as a symbolic representation of human enlightenment. The longleaf pine in particular has a long history and environmental significance to Wilmington and North Carolina. The identity designed for Center Point nods to the past by featuring a pine cone but takes on a modern attitude with a geometric character and custom typography. A tenant criteria was developed for this project along with a comprehensive wayfinding and graphics program.

The naming and branding of the multi-family component, “Sterling Residence,” within the mixed-use development was also part of the overall experiential graphics package.


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