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Ci is pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Compounding Workflow and the opening of a new office in Greenville, South Carolina. Under the ownership of Bryan Prince, MBA, Compounding Workflow is a laboratory design firm with expertise in compounding pharmacy consulting.

In his new role as an Associate and Senior Lab Planner & Compounding Specialist at Ci, Prince aims to understand the client’s business model, growth opportunity and types of equipment to set the foundation for a successful design concept.

“We don’t design to the allotted square footage; instead we design to your business model. Our secondary goal is to make sure the architect, engineer, general contractor, and HVAC contractor are all speaking the same language and moving in the same direction towards a USP-compliant compounding lab,” said Bryan Prince, MBA.

Prince has designed and consulted for more than 200 compounding pharmacies across the US. Since 2013, he has spoken at compounding pharmacy conferences, webinars and educational workshops on lab design, engineering controls, and safety.

“As the owner of Compounding Workflow, Bryan Prince and Ci share a commitment to the unique and customized needs of our clients in Science & Technology,” said Christopher Ladd, Co-Founder and Vice President of Ci Design. “His dedication to designing well-organized, efficient and compliant environments aligns with Ci’s mission to provide lab & manufacturing planning services that prioritize safety and workflow optimization for clients.”

In his role at Ci, Prince will continue to act as a consultant to the Compounding Pharmacy industry, helping pharmacies design and budget for USP compliance. He will be an extension of Ci’s lab planning expertise across the firm’s Science & Technology projects.

“Bryan Prince will be an invaluable asset to our Lab Planning team for Ci’s Science & Technology practice,” said Anna Evangelista, Associate and Director of Lab Planning for Ci Design. “Prince’s experience and expertise will elevate Ci’s design of life science laboratories, clean rooms, cGLP and cGMP facilities, vivarium, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturing projects.”

Prince’s new position at Ci will contribute to the quality and influence of our S&T practice and the firm's overall success across the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast.

“Ci has grown at an extraordinary rate over the last few years.  We are thrilled to welcome the immense talent and experience that Compounding Workflow and Bryan Prince bring to the table,” said John Larsen, Co-Founder and President of Ci Design. 


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