How Can Design Accomodate Public Transportation in the Suburbs? / by ci design

In a recent issue of the New England Real Estate Journal, ci design Vice President and Principal Rich Rankin answers the Question of the Month: How can design accommodate public transportation in the suburbs?

Mr. Rankin turns to the 4 million s/f, transit-oriented community of Metropica in Sunrise, FL as a current example, for which ci design is serving as master site planner and architect for the commercial portion of the project.

"We as architects and designers previously planned primarily around the automobile from a transportation and site circulation aspect. Those of us who work to create these transit-oriented mixed-use environments have learned we must accommodate a different essential aspect: convenient, efficient, environmentally friendly public transportation, " explains Mr. Rankin.

Citing the current demographic trends of millenials favoring urbanization, and a growing dependency on public transportation, Mr. Rankin believes that Metropica is set to become a benchmarck for future mixed-use developments.

Mr. Rankin continues:

"The goal of Metropica is to create an urban core for Sunrise incorporating high-rise residential towers, office space, retail and hotels, while linking to the more suburban style shopping, office parks and arena nearby. The key to all: public transportation, both within Metropica and throughout Western Broward County."

To read the full story, access the article online. For more information about Metropica, visit our portfolio.