ci design selected to design ARRIS’ new 150,000 square-foot facility / by ci design

ci design was selected to design ARRIS’ new 150,000 square-foot 3-level facility, which recently completed construction. The project consist of new hardware/software labs, training labs, sustaining labs, standby/backup power/redundancy, chiller plant design and corporate offices. The project provided an opportunity to focus on developing solutions for the lab areas to become more efficient and streamlined in their design. Industry standard components like raised access floors, cable trays and wire management systems are being implemented to make labs more flexible and functional. This in turn provides greater adaptability for labs to expand or even relocate as needed within the facility with the ability to have proper infrastructure.

The project also provided the opportunity to reevaluate the corporate office configuration and to incorporate the company brand into an overall aesthetic for the new offices. Spaces are developed to allow for intense individual focus and others for group interaction. Material selections, colors and lighting have been selected to promote a positive working environment and to highlight the ARRIS brand.