Keene State College's "The First-Person Project" with Izabela Kennedy / by ci design

ci design would like to congratulate our very own Izabela Kennedy for her feature in Keene State College's "The First-Person Project". This special issue of the Keene State Today magazine highlights 25 of the college's graduates as told in first person perspectives.

In the article, Ms. Kennedy describes her journey into the world of architecture, discussing her decision to join the profession, her passion for design, and her commitment to her work and projects at ci design.

"Architecture, to me, is a noble field where we strive toward efficient and meaningful designs and the hope somewhere along the way our efforts will influence future generations. Architecture is often called a “labor of love” – for me I could not agree more with this statement as I love what I am doing, " writes Ms. Kennedy.

You can read Ms. Kennedy's full feature on the Keene State Today magazine website.