In designing these types of facilities, from economical building shells to small assembly spaces or major manufacturing complexes, our focus is always to help our clients maximize the return on their investment,
— Christopher Ladd, Vice President/Principal

We provide design services for new manufacturing plants as well as plant expansions and consolidations that consider strategic sourcing initiatives, operational improvements, lean manufacturing, packaging optimization, supply chain strategy, material handling, and specialized equipment and systems support. The resulting facilities are "fit for purpose," with reduced operational costs, compliant process systems, and are flexible/adaptable for future needs.

In addition, we typically integrate these manufacturing facilities with other critical business functions including office space and specialized spaces for Research and Development, prototype design and testing, quality control testing, Class 10 to Class 100,000 clean rooms, anechoic chambers, control rooms and facilities for chemical storage, distribution, and treatment including explosion deflagration. 

Previous clients include such industry leaders as 1366 Technologies, GT Advanced Technologies, Materion, and Saint Gobain.

We understand that a properly designed manufacturing facility is an important business asset. 

Our team has the specialized experience to integrate manufacturing processes and building design with equipment and building systems to develop state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities including electronics, clothing and textiles, food production, crystal growth, and plastics and metals manufacturing facilities.Our team works to create facilities that provide you a competitive advantage by operating at low cost by:

  • providing fast delivery,
  • accommodating new and/or varied products,
  • maximizing production volume,
  • producing at the highest quality level, and
  • applying unique services or features,

Our thorough understanding of MEP engineering, materials handling, equipment and tool layout, and production/facility scalability ensures solutions that create efficient operability and lifecycle cost reduction for cost effective manufacturing at any size or scale.